An essential part of webhosting is managing the domain space of your online venture and maintaining a clutter free and smooth operation on a day to day basis.

What can cPanel do for your Domain?
cPanel employs command line and API based access protocols which enable third parties to automate system administration and domain hosting processes. The Domains section in cPanel helps you to do so by simply letting you perform these following tasks by only through a few simple clicks, under very little amount of time:

1) Register and build up a new domain
2) Managing the DNS configuration for the domains
3) Managing Subdomains, Add-on domains and Parked Domains simultaneously
4) Setting up URL redirections in case of permanent or temporary domain change
5) Domain name transfer and ID protection through cPanel

Subdomains, Add-on Domains and Parked Domains
Subdomains are basically separate URLs for different parts of your website. A prefix put in front of your primary domain URL is the most common way subdomains are represented.
Add-On Domains are created so that you are able to reach a subdomain as you enter the name of the Add-on domain into the browser. This essentially allows you to host additional domains from the same account that houses the primary domain. Add-on domains are almost always relative to the account’s home directory.

Parked Domains are usually a specific type of additional domains where you host the same sites as your primary domain. Even though these additional domains can be allowed to have differing email addresses they maintain the same web statistics as the primary one and does not describe separate statistics.
cPanel helps users to host all of these kinds of domains effortlessly.

Securing Your Domain
The primary method of securing your own domain is to ward of malicious attacks that might arise out of other questionable virtual entities hosted by specific IP Address or Domain Name. The IP Deny Manager in the cPanel interface can prevent or block those malicious IP or Domains from accessing your domain online.

Another way of enforcing security on your Domain is by allowing the Hotlink Protection Tool to stop other sites from linking files to your domain maliciously, directly without any prior consent. This also limits the outbound traffic for your website.
Password Protecting your directories is another good way to keeping a strict watch upon your Domain, website and files so that no unwanted incident may occur.

cPanel remains the most popular and versatile web hosting tool due to its sheer versatility and user friendly operations and the ease of doing so. By providing you with an edge over the competitors, cPanel gives your website and cyber domain a safe but robust home.