A Brief Introduction to WHMXtra

WHMXtra is an additional module for cPanel servers that come with extra features. This aspect of the module gives it an upper hand among all other WHM modules and devices. Unlike other cPanel operations, WHMXtra and its features require only a command line for it to begin functioning. In certain cases, the command line is not required either.

The Features to Look for in this Module

With WHMXtra, the system does better operations for cPanel users. Besides, it gives superior end results as well. With this module installed, users do not have to wait for technical support. This is because all the tools one requires for securing, repairing and managing the server from the web browser is offered by Xtra. The special features include:

  1. Security
  • Firewall policy feature
  • Auditing of servers
  • Intensive DDOS protection
  • Binary protection
  • Permission for file fixation
  • SSH Management
  • Root kit hunting
  • Apache and PHP security
  1. Repairs
  • File repair
  • Repairing of missing databases
  • User and cPanel account fixes
  1. Management of installation and editing
  • Checking cPanel RPMs
  • Clam AV
  • Yum update
  • Prompt access to system files along with links
  1. Additional features
  • Loading monitor
  • Logging view
  • Xtra reseller UI
  • System Notes 2.0

How do you Optimize Apache in WHMXtra?

The best way to enhance the overall performance and functionality of your site without updating the hardware is by optimizing Apache accurately. You can change the following settings at the Apache Global configurations which are located at:

Home >> Service Configuration >>Apache Configuration >> Global Configuration

How does WHM speed up the Performance of your Site?

Speed is the most imperative factor for the smooth operation of tasks and a better performance of your site. Good speed leads to superior functionalities, which will help you lead the race amongst many other competitors in the market. Few steps by which you can enhance the speed and expect better results by virtue of WHMXtra are:

  • Turn off the Mailman.
  • Make a change in the email delivery retry time from the default 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Disable MySQL Disk calculations.
  • Disable FTP anonymous uploads and logins if you don’t want people to log in your website and upload files.


WHMXtra is user friendly and will avert every kind of malicious or illegitimate approach on the internet, in your website. Introduce this to your cPanel and watch better performance in every sense of the word.