A Brief introduction

WHMSonic is one of the best WHM plugins and a shoutcast in cPanel, making the work of users easier. It can be easily installed with the SSH command. WHMSonic allows users to offer shoutcast, AutoDJ, icecast, streaming media hosting, radio reseller from the dedicated server. It is a powerful control panel tool for cPanel clients and resellers. Introduction of WHMSonic has helped clients to fully control their radios easily. It offers tools needed to start and manage shoutcast radio service hosting.

Some of the Most Prominent Features

Let us walk through the list of features offered by WHMSonic:

  • Users can create limits for shoutcast customers, WHMSonic, which will limit Traffic, Bitrate, Listeners, IP, Port, AutoDJ and destination IP.
  • One can provide WHMSonic panel access without hosting, email features. The radio owners need to share the WHMSonic username+password with their DJ’s.
  • Users can view live song name, title change and allow them to reply and avail any text features without dropping listeners.
  • The migration feature allows transfer of all radios to another WHMSonic or a single radio in one click.
  • It offers customer list features, all details that include limits, radio status, radio ip, port, password, traffic limits, quick tune in and re-send account email.
  • Users can offer flexible, high quality graphics and user friendly shoutcast panel for their customers.
  • Clients can easily mange and remove their ShoutCast radio from “my account” option. Through the same option they can also manage ShoutCast configurations, password and other details.
  • WHMSonic can be used in English, German, French, Portuguese, Portuguese – BR, Romanian, Turkish, Spanish and many other languages and also provides a language editor for translation.
  • Users can manage ShoutCast intro-backup features which assign one mp3 file that keeps over and over again when the source stream disconnects. This is very helpful when DJ has to change the radio
  • Through WHMSonic listeners can create FlashPlayers and player links easily.

The Concluding lines

WHMSonic is very flexible and user-friendly. It doesn’t require any individual server resource for operation and can be easily installed through the SSH command in no time. The Shoutcast Panel is easy to use and has inbuilt guide. WHMSonic works in along with the cPanel or WHM base server system which is already present hence no external software needs to be installed, with all features needed in a radio.