A Brief introduction

WHMSonic Shoutcast Admin Pro is one of the most talked about and necessary plugin of cPanel and WHM. It essentially allows the consumers to offer Shoutcast related streaming media, radio reseller and AutoDJ directly from Control Panels like cPanel and WHM. It is definitely a very important Shoutcast Control Panel of recent times. Introduction of WHMSonic has made a lot of tasks easier than ever before.

Some of the Most Prominent Features

Now let us talk about the highlighted features of WHMSonic in details –

  • With the help of WHMSonic, the users can set their own specific limits for their Shoutcast customers. Setting up of limits on data Traffic, Listeners, Bitrate, Port, IP, Destination IP, AutoDJ etc can be done easily with the support of WHMSonic.
  • A very prominent characteristic of WHMSonic is that 8 varied languages are supported in this system. Apart from English, languages like French, German, Turkish, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese – BR and general Portuguese can be opted for.
  • The users are allowed to generate their own Shoutcast Setup, especially the ones who already have an existing cPanel web hosting account present in the server. This feature is particularly helpful for users who want to incorporate the feature of AutoDJ.
  • There is a customer list feature which is essentially important for the users of WHMSonic. All necessary details like limits, traffic limits, port, radio IP, radio status, passwords, quick tune-in, re-send email accounts etc can be seen and accessed through this list. Also, this list of information can be upgraded in just a matter of a button-click.
  • The Shoutcast Intro-Backup feature of WHMSonic can select an audio file which will be streamed time and again, if the source stream gets disconnected somehow. This feature helps to keep the flow of things intact, especially when the radio-DJ is changed.
  • Also, the user can use the ‘Remove Shoutcast Radio’ feature to remove or delete the radio hosting settings from their individual accounts.


Here’s the Final Verdict

WHMSonic is actually easy to install. It can be installed in a server in very little time. Also, it can be installed using only a single particular SSH command. It provides the users with hosting of Shoutcast streaming media, radio reseller and AutoDJ from the VPS or Dedicated server of cPanel and WHM. Interestingly enough, WHMSonic doesn’t require any individual server resource for operation. It works in accordance with the cPanel or WHM base server system which is already present.

It is very flexible and user-friendly. The Shoutcast Panel of WHMSonic is quite easy to understand and use. The graphics used are essentially of high quality. It has almost all important features and options which are required to manage the Shoutcast radio service hosting effortlessly.