Since ages, we had to face a lot of trouble with the backup procedure. It has always been an annoying activity that claims time, high frequency and money. But with the JetBackup application, the idea of backup process has been altered and appropriate comfort and action has taken place.

A backup process comes after the following chronology, all of which is capably sustained by the numerous tools included in the JetBackup application.

• Changing the data analogue for backup
• Encoding the copied data
• Store the copied data at any confined storage medium
• Elucidation of the copied data during renewal process
• Reviving exact data image for server reestablishment

cPanel Server migration: The JetBackup Way
Here are some steps to methodically carry out the server migration using JetBackup application for cPanel Backup.

1. Making use of the disaster healing organised tool is the basic move in server migration. The user needs to assassinate the “Scheduled DR Clone” process so that the cloning procedure successfully takes an image of the server in its present position and Xerox it onto another server.
2. Another important point is that if the user is doing it after a long break or if it is their first time then the process consumes longer time than usual. The assembled data construction needs a greater quantity of devoted transference and encoding. For the first time the user is requested to keep it as a night long process.
3. The next night, the user is requested to repeat the same procedure again, the only difference is that only the changes occurred in between the duration of the two updates are cloned and the backup server copies only the fresh formed files. The user should notice that this process usually completes with a span of 1 to 3 hours which is very less compared to the first night.
4. By the beginning of the third night the user is well aware of the time consumed for the migration for one server to the other. The user can aware their client about the time required to transfer. A very important thing to be noted by the user is that no changes in the original server should be conducted.
5. Thus the migration will be completed successfully. The cPanel server is finally migrated with less expenditure of time and without any nuisance.

The Struggles with cPanel Backup are over
The important thing to be noted is that there should be no alteration made or any updates done during the migration procedure. The users are requested to confine their post actions and close the cPanel for further changes and to prevent their clients from making any changes in the original file. This would ensure a hassle free and successful migration of the servers. Thus with JetBackup application the struggle is over.

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