Ideal for small businesses that need to get online cost-effectively or in a short period of time, Trendy SiteBuilder is a website app that creates professional websites.

Trendy SiteBuilder employs mobile-friendly designs, a level of template customization and integration with added functionality to deliver websites that work for the modern small business.

If you need a website builder that produces simple but effective sites, Trendy SiteBuilder is the ideal server add-on for you. These are the features that make it a great fit for your small business clients.

Create modern websites in minutes

With Trendy SiteBuilder you can build professional HTML5 websites that incorporate video and image content. Monopolize on your mobile traffic by utilizing the mobile compatibility of Trendy SiteBuilder, which ensures your site displays well across all devices.

Showcase images in mobile-friendly image galleries and categorize them for easier navigation.

An in-built media player makes it easy to display video and audio files. Embed corporate videos, interviews and music within your websites to entertain and convert traffic.

Get added functionality

Get more from your website by using the Appointment Scheduler to manage client appointments or incorporate the Events Tool. Get more visitors to your events by profiling them on Trendy SiteBuilder’s modern website interface.

Start selling online

Trendy SiteBuilder isn’t just a website tool, it’s also an online trading platform. Offer your clients an e-commerce service that integrates with 2Checkout and Paypal.

The ecommerce service is fully automated, requiring very little support or development. The in-built e-commerce technology means online stores can be running in a few short space of time. It’s ideal for a small budget or for an online experiment.

Inbuilt contact platforms

Trendy SiteBuilder’s templates have in-built contact forms that allow your visitors to get in touch. Integrate Twitter and Facebook pages and offer different users different channels through which to communicate with the brand.

Take advantage of the SEO features

Search engine optimization is an essential online marketing tool in today’s competitive world. Trendy SiteBuilder simplifies the process so that your website works for you (in addition to looking good).

Trendy SiteBuilder’s templates allow you to follow SEO Best practices by writing meta titles, descriptions and setting keywords for websites to bring more targeted traffic to them.