BuycPanel Trendy HTML5 Site builder offers more than a simple coding site. It is a complete package designed as per your needs.

Trendy HTML5 Site builder is a class apart (features)


Trendy HTML5 offers you two choices for setting up your website. A Business website builder or a category specific website builder, ranging from a salon, restaurant, church, boutique and more with designs and tools related to that category.

There are more than dozens of pre-built templates which can be fully customized as per your requirements.



The plug-in needs to be installed post payment, and then one can view all the website builders purchased. The site can be of up to 100 pages which can be segregated into 10 segments.



Trendy HTML5 SiteBuilder has a  huge library of images for every category, style & genre one can choose from, for designing the site. One can also use their own images for a more personalized touch.

The images along with notes describing them can be displayed in the image gallery.  These can be navigated to, by 10 categories.

To make your website more appealing you can showcase your music and videos on the website, without using a site extension.


Extra Features:

The Site builder supports all the major activities one would require, related to the profession. From basic contacts to event planning, or selling online. One can have it all integrated into their site.

The ready to use contact page has all the details and queries one can ask of.

The website can host an appointment scheduler, making sure your clientele details are maintained and charted as per your requirements.

Customers can directly buy your products and services,  online from your site, instead of being directed to another selling portal. The builder supports PayPal and 2Checkout  enabled stores, making the whole process fast and simple.

Creating and sharing an event is now hassle-free. Once your event has been planned. be it an exhibition, a choir practice or a band performance, simply enter the details, location on the map and driving directions if need be, and announce the event.


Social Marketing:

Social media plays an important role in brand placement.  One can directly link & synchronize their Facebook and Twitter pages with their website, thus saving time and energy.


Mobile Compatibility:

Gone are the days when sites were opened only on desktops. In today’s hectic world, people choose to work on the go. So it is essential that the website look stunning even on the phone. And Trendy HTML5 Site builder makes sure that actually happens. The Mobile Site builder makes sure your site is compatible with Android, Windows and Mac while being appealing to all devices.



One must add all the meta words and descriptions related to their site and update their browser to increase the visibility of their site across different search engines.



Keeping everything in mind, Trendy HTML5 Site builder has kept a very reasonable pricing. For an HTML License it is $11.95/month, while if one goes for the HTML Bundle License package, it is $16.95/month.

The hassle-free solution to website building (Conclusion)

If one is looking for a simple, time saving, yet personalized and a stunning website, Trendy HTML5 Sitebuilder is the best place to get it done from.