cPanel is the most popular web hosting control panel used all over the world today. It is a handy hosting software that provides a stress-free solution to all your website management needs even if you are not technically inclined.

However, to be able to make your cPanel server run efficiently, there are some essential practices and techniques that you need to implement in order to make your cPanel server management experience as pleasant and as smooth as it can be.

3 Useful Tips on cPanel Server Management
To manage your cPanel server efficiently, here are 3 useful tips that you can adapt to your server management routine.

Create cPanel Backups for Emergency Recovery Purposes
We might not pray for it but server crashes occur whether we like it or not. These unfortunate events are a nightmare to work with at best and if you are not prepared for the worst, valuable data and information could be lost and your business could suffer a massive setback.

Creating a cPanel backup for your server is the best thing that you can do to prepare for this horrible situation. Even though you will try your best to secure your servers as best as you can to avoid these events, as a professional server manager, you should always be prepared for the worst scenario.

You should strictly implement a backup policy for your server. We recommend that you perform cPanel backup during off-peak hours so that you can minimize its impact on your server traffic and performance.

Implement an IP Blacklisting Protection Policy

Being blacklisted in known spam databases such as SORBS and Spamhaus is another thing as a server manager that you should avoid for your server. If your server is blacklisted, it can cause mail delivery failures which may result in various customer complaints and potential loss of sales.

Your server can be IP blacklisted if it sends out too many unsolicited and spam emails. This can happen if there are malware, malicious scripts and bulk mailer software present on your server.

To avoid this from happening you should regularly scan your server for abnormalities and malicious activities and monitor your email queue to avoid being IP blacklisted.

Utilize Your Server Disk Space Efficiently
In time, your server disk space will eventually be used up. If your server disk space usage is near 100% capacity, it can cause server crashes and malfunctions.

The accumulation of old log files, dump files and excess cPanel backup files can cause problems the same way that huge databases and web content can fill up your server disk space. Your inability to remove these excess files will speed up the process of filling up your server disk space, which will cause tons of problems and malfunctions in the future.

You should assign a person to monitor the accumulation of these files and perform necessary removal if possible. Alternatively, you can use tools like MyPcAdmin to perform removal of unused software and files to clear up valuable server disk space and ensure that your cPanel server will run effectively and efficiently for a long time.