Keep yourself safe from accidental data loss with cPanel’s backup wizard


Suppose you want to move your website to a new host or make any changes to the website files or the database, and you inadvertently make any error through your editing process, a backup will serve you well and help you correct that mistake which could be otherwise costly for your website and can ruin your credibility. cPanel comes to your rescue here and provides you with a robust and worthwhile backup service which protects you from any mishaps by creating a zipped copy of your complete website. Further through this article, we will have a look at how cPanel accomplishes this and the type of backups it keeps.

Types of Backups

Let us have a look at the distinct features of the different types of Backups

• Full Backup – A full backup refers to a zipped copy of your website and cPanel accounts, databases, subdomains, email lists etc. This also includes the files you own. While you can download full backups using cPanel, restoring of such backups is only possible through your new hosting provider, as full backups are used while transferring a website to a new host.
• Partial Backup – When you need to create your backups and download them instantly, Partial backups are the way to go. You can download your home directory, email forwarders etc separately and restore the downloaded backups anytime through the same cPanel interface.

cPanel Backup Wizard

The cPanel backup wizard is a tool for nonadvanced users to create a backup and then restore their website in a step by step process. This backup wizard simplifies the backup creation & restores process to a large extent.

There are 3 major steps which need to be followed when you set out to use this wizard to download a backup: –
1. Select the backup that you want to restore
2. Select the type of backup that you want to download. As previously described, Full Backups cannot be restored through the wizard. For restoring Partial Backups, choose from the many options for Home Directory, MySQL Databases or Email filters. The partial backup is restored through the backup wizard only.
3. After you have chosen the type of backup to be downloaded, click on the Download button to download the backup.

Once you have downloaded the backup, the following steps can be used to perform the restore operation: –
1. Select the restore from the Backup Wizard Interface
2. Select restore type from the available options, i.e. Home Directory, Email lists or any of the other available options
3. Upload the backup file to the wizard and voila! , the wizard takes care of the rest of the work for you.

We hope the article has helped you become familiar with cPanel and the backup facilities it offers.