A Basic Synopsis

The work of SpamScan is to analyse the IP addresses used by your mail server for the purpose of sending out email messages. It is also used to check them against 18 major DNS Relay Blackhole Lists or “RBLs”. Issues with emails becoming blocked, returned, or delayed may occur if your server is registered on an RBL list.


Key Characteristic Features

The names and functions of each tab on the SpamScan WHM plugin as listed as follows:-



This tab enables you to get a general overview of the mail blocking list i.e. the RBL status of each of the IP addresses recorded on your server. You need to click on the IP address to view the RBL server particulars.



This tab enables you to mention whether a specific IP address is scanned by the RBL scanner. It also gives you the option whether or not to show RBL IP address status to your customers within their individual cPanels. At times hosting customers would prefer to display their customers that their servers are “spam free” and not registered on a RBLs.



This tab enables you to alter your SpamScan license key.


While the Internet is plagued with a lot of malicious attempts to steal Data and gain unauthorized access, the SpamScan is a tool that can come handy.