A Brief Overview
Solus Virtual Manager or Solus VM as it is termed in popular parlance is an efficient VPS management system that comes equipped with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) and powerful multi-layered security options. It also comes with differentiated licenses that give a user the control over who accesses the system and how and how much, making it one of the best options to manage a VPS (Virtual Private Server) cluster with elan.

Some of the Salient Features
Solus VM is easy to use and has a variety of security features as well as a number of Administrator features. All of these work in tandem to give the user exactly the king of customized management services he or she requires. The features include the following:
● The Support System – Solus VM includes full Open VZ, Xen Paravirtualization, Xen HVM support and Linux KVM.
● Security – Solus VM provides 7 layers of operative cluster authentication and unique data encryption at every instance of installation. Along with these there are authentication login systems and provisions for blacklisting too.
● High Performance – The system uses a high performance C based core system. It also allows for password retrieval through an efficient unique keys storage system and allows the user to demarcate separate admin and client spaces that the administrator can navigate with ease.
● Administrative Features – Solus VM allows one to reinstall operating systems, change root passwords and host names, manage serial console logins and update personal information as and when required.
● Adding and Removing – Further, the administrator may add, edit or remove clients, virtual serves and resellers at will. He or she may also review the log and the statistics of usage and edit the same easily. What’s more, the user may add or edit IP addresses as well whenever the need arises for the same.
● Separate Licenses – Solus VM adds yet another feature to its list by allowing for the purchase and maintenance of differently prioritized licenses. These are referred to as the master and the slave licenses respectively. The Master licenses signify the ‘mainframe’ of the system, the core from which the rest of the structure emanates like a web. The Slave licenses, on the other hand, operate as nodes along the branches of this webbed virtualization structure. Their activity may be monitored by the core Master licenses.

A Comprehensive Solution
Thus Solus VM is a comprehensive VPS management system that comes with a pleasant surprise of features to be managed and operated. It’s simple GUI adds to the charm, making it a popular option for users worldwide.