A Brief Description

Auto installers are quite in trend these days. Softaculous is one such auto installer which is extremely popular and powerful in comparison to others that are available for use. Softaculous can be used as an auto installer for various Control Panels like cPanel, InterWork, Plesk, H-Sphere and DirectAdmin. Softaculous is inclusive of approximate 444 scripts. More such scripts are being added to it for future use. All these 400-plus scripts that are present can be applied for various useful purposes. Updates can be managed, backups can be managed, website data can be restored and other such important things can be done with its help.

Some of the Most Prominent Features

Now, let us talk in details about the prominent characteristic features of this popular and useful auto installer –

  • As mentioned earlier, most of the well-known Web Hosting Control Panels can be used on Softaculous. cPanel, H-Sphere, Plesk, DirectAdmin, InterWorx and others work seamlessly through Softaculous. This auto installer is made in such a way that it easily integrates multifarious Control Panels without any extra effort. Actually Softaculous keeps integrating itself with functions of different Control Panels on a regular basis.
  • Many companies related to Web Hosting are taking help of Softaculous for the smooth flow of their operations. Use of this auto installer can greatly increase the sales figures of such companies. This happens mostly due to the availability of 400-plus scripts. More scripts are being included for better results.
  • The already available scripts can almost cover all necessary actions and functions that the consumers need to perform on a daily basis. There scripts range over various categories and sub-categories of action, keeping in mind the requirements of consumers coming from various fields. Here, individual users can easily get their hands on the scripts that are most important for them in a particular situation.
  • Softaculous ensures better safety for its users by providing scripts that are secure. Every update increases this level of security. Also, these updates come really fast with added new features. Therefore, the updated scripts are definitely more secure and also full of newer features.
  • Softaculous has the ability to import any necessary script directly. It can even import scripts from other auto installers, which were not installed previously by this auto installer. The whole process is very simple and takes very less time. The consumers have the freedom to choose the necessary scripts that need to be imported. After the import, Softaculous can hold on to the newly imported script for future.


A Fair Concluding Note

The Web Hosting Industry is using Softaculous to a great extent. It has millions of takers to its credit. It has essentially solved many problems and has helped a lot of people in matter of installing difficult applications. Therefore, all these installation related functions have become much easier. Also, lesser time is being consumed to perform all such actions.