An Overview

RVSkin is a creative management software provided in cPanel server. It helps users with skinning and theme control of your cPanel setups. A developer can easily create impressive looking cPanel overlay skins for end users in less time and the user can customize it in accordance to their preferences. Users can apply an unique interface that is created by your developer and this differentiates your hosting service. In traditional hosting systems you only have one cPanel user per account, whereas with RVSkin you can allow your cPanel users to create separate user roles for managing tasks like email, web and database maintenance. This gives an added advantage of using RVSkin.

Essential features of RVSkin

RVSkin provides with a wide range of features, let us have a look in its functionalities:

  • More than 21 languages can be used, making it multilingual and hence can be availed by users across the globe.
  • The Feature Managerproperty helps in easy management of different layers in administration. For instance if you do not want webmail user, change the password. You can easily configure the webmail interface to display features required in normal email accounts and display most of the features for advanced email accounts.
  • Branding of skins can easily be done with the help of skin editor. You can have options like do it yourself themes, news system, custom links, and marketing tools.
  • Subversion and trac integration is an exclusive feature of RVSkin cPanel theme. It is a custom build design for cPanel server.
  • Maintenance mode, clustering, automatic update, rollback and all features of updates and configurations are available.
  • RVSkin offer password protected folders making users feel safe to work and avoid data corruption. If the end-user account frequently gets exploited as their PC is compromised disabling the main account FTP access will be a very useful feature to use.
  • The developer or administrator can set a limit of cron job end-users who will be allowed to configure. Hence, the system can be protected from fraud and misuse.


Being multilingual and multifaceted RVSkin Manager proves to be helpful and user friendly in skin management process of cPanel. It is not only easy to operate but also time saving and promotes branding. The users can easily get accustomed to the features and options available on RVSkin Manager.c