A Brief Introduction
If you are looking for an effective and useful tool for the creation of new skins and themes for cPanel, then RVSkin Manager is the perfect option for you. It essentially allows every user to change the look and the feel of the Control Panel they are using. Apart from that, it also allows the users to select the part of the cPanel account that is to be displayed. Through RVSkin Manager, cost effective accounts can be created with only the main features that one needs and also with lesser expenditure on the same. It is effective and user friendly at the same time.

Key Characteristics and Features
Let us get some more concrete idea about the prominent features and the characteristics of RVSkin Manager –
● By using RVSkin Manager, one can easily bring about differentiations between various web hosting services that are being operated. Here, the amount of support that is needed is also lesser than usual. This undoubtedly results in the operational costs being lesser.
● A prominent feature of RVSkin Manager is that it can help the user to disable FTP access. In case, the account of the end-user is being exploited time and again, one can just opt to disable the FTP access of the main user account. This necessarily becomes an important function, especially when the device of the client is in threat of being compromised.
● Another very interesting feature is that the user can set limits to the numbers of cron jobs that one end-user is allowed to enter. One can just mention specific numbers of cron jobs that are allowed to be configured by an end-user, and the work is done.
● Another exclusive feature of RVSkin is the Subversion and Trac Integration of the user’s cPanel theme. In this case, the standard format of subversion is done away with. In its place, there is subversion that has a design which is custom-built for your server of cPanel.
● Also, the user can configure the essential features that are generally displayed on the interface of webmail with the help of RVSkin Manager. This can be done with every individual email account. The user can switch between the available features and choose some of them to be displayed along with the emails accounts that are normal. Other features can be opted to be displayed along with the email accounts which are more advanced in nature.

Conclusion and Verdict
The multilingual and multifaceted RVSkin Manager is actually very helpful and also very user friendly. It is necessarily a software that helps in the advanced skin management process of cPanel. RVSKin is basically very simple and easy to operate. It saves a lot of time and cost on the part of the users. Also, in almost no time the consumers can easily get accustomed to the features and options available on RVSkin Manager.