Email spam and junk mail can cause havoc in any organization and thanks to the various disguises that it can come in, can prove really difficult for the average employee to distinguish what’s legitimate and what’s going to lead them to phishing sites or to download malware.

SpamScan takes the guess-work out of spam filtering, and adds an additional layer of security to your cPanel.

How does it work?

SpamScan checks the IP addresses your mail server uses distribute email. It then crosschecks them against the major RBLs or DNS Relay Blackhole Lists. If your server is listed on a DNS Relay Blackhole List you may find your mail is delayed before delivery, blocked completely or returned to you.

Using the overview tab

SpamScan’s Overview tab gives you a high level view of the status of the IP addresses retained on your server. You can click on each of the IP addresses listed in SpamScan to see more RBL details.

Creating the right settings

The Settings tab enables you to set which IP addresses should be checked by the RBL scanner. You have the option of showing RBL IP addresses in your customers’ cPanels too. This can add to customer confidence by showing them that your server is free of spam.

The License tab allows you to update your SpamScan license key.

Using SpamScan to assist with email marketing

On the flipside of the equation, email spam is usually labelled as that because it falls into one, if not more of, these categories:
– mail that was not signed up for
– mail that is sent anonymously
– mail that is sent from mass email marketing platforms.

Typically when this type of mail is sent from a RBL IP address, the recipient never receives it because it’s caught up in a spam filter. But what about you- well-meaning you who doesn’t have any malicious intent and who happens to be sending and not receiving the content?

SpamScan can filter through server-listed IP addresses and prove that your IP address is not listed on an RBL list. By installing SpamScan on your server you may assist with better email delivery and thus better conversion rates.

Remember though: if you are going to be sending email marketing out, you should only send it to users who request the content. Make sure you comply with CANSPAM policies, and always offer your user an easy-to-spot Unsubscribe button.