Overview of RVSite Builder

RVSiteBuilder is an application which has been emerging over a decade of professional development. It is an advanced site builder application.  Some responsive websites such as those with the new WYSIWYG, enhanced functionalities and more business-ready models use it as a complete site builder.


Characteristic Features of RVSite Builder

Responsive web design

This concept was based on the mobile-first and then RVSiteBuilder 5.2 got improved for smartphones, tablets and PCs browsersacross common browsers. Hundreds of new template designs for views of mobile device are optimized. RVSiteBuilder 5.2 will spontaneously feed your content to mobile block design once the web is put out. Every modifications are done with the concept of mobile-first.


Enhancements on Style-Adjusting

The chief enhancements in Step 2 make your methods of modifying the style of web easy. For example, you can regulate your header layout for mobile displays, as well as adjust the height of the header. You will have more tools of designing with your own preferred styles with newer 20 navigation options. The ‘mobile’ tab enables you to hide some components on mobile display and also permits you to  change or modify the text colours and the background colour of the header.


Block management

The block-style management helps you more to stay well organised than before and enables you to change and regulate the layout with visual illustration. This helps you to decipher how your actual website will be screened on the web. The mobile view will be applied as soon as it is published.


Unlimited pages and sub-pages

The handling of the hosting plan is the feature on which creating your website with no limitation pages depend.



While cPanel comes with some amazing features, Add-On apps such as these provides amazing flexibility to the exercises of Website maintenance and monitoring.