Sleek Edge of cPanel over the cut-throat competition in the Web Hosting arena:
cPanel Web Hosting Tool, owned by cPanel Inc. based in Houston, Texas, was launched initially in 1996 and over the next two decades and some, it has established itself as the premier and arguably the most popular Web Hosting Tool, which it has achieved by dint of some basic advantages that it has come to provide to the entire 3 – tier web hosting fraternity, i.e the administrators, the website resellers and the website owners.

The benefits of choosing cPanel Web Hosting tool have been enumerated below:
• The most significant advantage of cPanel is the superior navigation system that has been incorporated into it, which de- complicates matters and provides for lucidity in access and operation to the extent that even persons with limited technical know-how may operate the tool with ease.
• A handy and interactive Graphic User Interface and several other features such as Add- on FTP Accounts, easy database and user creation, easy domain and email management system and server operations add to the user -friendliness of cPanel. Inspite of the rather easy operation procedures, if one is still in need of support or help regarding any issue, the support provided is prompt and catered to by expert professionals, absolutely free of cost.
• cPanel currently supports a number of Operating Systems such as CentOS(v6.5 and later), CloudLinux(v.6 and 7), Red Hat Enterprise Linux(v. 6 and 7) and Amazon Linux, which makes it one of the most versatile and widely accepted options in the genre.
• Its presence and prevalence in the field for such a long period has also earned it recognition and acknowledgement among the various Web-hosting Clients and Server Side Service Providers, which enhances its acceptance and identity in the field.
• cPanel can be a real Cost – Saver when bought from a Data Centre or Dedicated Server Provider, such as CyberWurx, owing to existence of tie-ups with various such DSPs, which provide for licences at minimal costs.
• Apart from the exclusive cPanel Backup, cPanel allows customization of various services such as apache through its own scripts( like the ‘easyapche’ script ) as well as the WHM interface by relatively easy procedures, for the benefit of the user. It also works well and smoothly with various billing applications in the market, which provides for ease of billing operations, without requiring the confidential server operations to be revealed to the person or team working in the billing department.
• CPanel supports plenty of plug-ins and add- ons, which give it flexibility and versatility, making it widely popular as a web hosting tool. Plug- ins and add- ons such as LiteSpeed, as well as ones such as Maldet (for restricting malware) can be used with cPanel. Similarly, there is support for various add-ons such as Fantastico( Auto – Installer), Imunify360 and JetBackup (for cPanel Backup) to aid in administration and smooth running of the operations.
• Also, the team of cPanel works very hard to keep their software updated as much as possible, as is evident from the fact that cPanel rolls out updates regularly, as frequently as once a week or once in two weeks. This also sheds light on the dynamic nature of the company and its constant urge to improve so as to not only meet, but surpass the market demand.

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