SpamScan analyzes the IP addresses used by your mail server to send out email messages, and checks them against 18 major DNS Relay Blackhole Lists or “RBLs”. If your server is listed on an RBL list you may experience issues with emails becoming blocked, returned, or delayed.

This tab allows you to see a general overview of the RBL (mail blocking list) status for each of the IP addresses registered on your server. Click on the IP address to view RBL server details.

This tab allows you to specify whether or not a specific IP address is scanned by the RBL scanner. It also allows you to choose whether or not to display RBL IP address status to your customers within their individual cPanels or not. Sometimes hosting customers would like to show their customers their servers are “spam free” and not listed on a RBLs.

This tab allows you to change your SpamScan license key.