7 layers of cluster authentication
Secure high performance C based core
Brute force blacklisting
Unique data encryption per installation
Authentication logging
Separate admin & client areas
Password retrieval using unique keys

Administrator Features:
Add, remove, edit virtual servers
Add, remove edit clients
Add, remove, edit resellers
Add, remove, edit clients
Reinstall operating systems
Change root passwords
Change hostnames
Direct serial console login
Add, remove, edit slaves
Add & remove IP addresses
View & edit Logs
View & edit Stats
Change personal details

Product VPS Instances Allowed on Machine

SolusVM Enterprise Master License Yes – Unlimited
SolusVM Slave Only Master License No
SolusVM Unlimited Slave License Yes – Unlimited
SolusVM Mini Slave License Yes – 5 VPS Instances
SolusVM Micro Slave License Yes – 2 VPS Instances

What do the licenses mean?
SolusVM offers two main types of licenses, Master licenses and Slave licenses. If you look above you will note that each license type has either the phrase “Slave” or “Master” (with the exception of the “SolusVM Slave Only Master License” which will count as a master license). This will determine which group the license will fall under.
Master: These licenses signify the “mainframe” of any virtualization structure. It is at the head of all virtualization related activities and must be included in every virtualization structure.

Slave: These licenses signify the nodes of a virtualization structure. It comprises all of the branches in a virtualization structure and are NOT mandatory to have. However these license types do help with redundancy as well as process distribution (e.g. 100 VPS instances on 10 slave servers is almost certainly better than 100 VPS instances on 1 master server).
So what’s the difference between a SolusVM Enterprise Master and SolusVM Unlimited Slave? The Enterprise master license can exist on its own (create/host VPS servers). However the SolusVM Unlimited slave license cannot exist on its own. It must be in contact with a master server (whether it be the Slave only master or the Enterprise master) in order to create/host VPS servers.