Installatron is a one-click web application installer that will instantly install and effortlessly manage top web applications like WordPress, Joomla, and Magento.

Installatron Applications Installer is a plugin for cPanel/WHM that provides a one-click installer platform for website owners to instantly install and effortlessly manage top web applications.

Ease of use is paramount.
Standards are followed to present a user-interface and one-click workflow that even the most inexperienced website owners will pick up in seconds or minutes, not hours or days.

Only top web applications.
The collection of web applications provided by Installatron is the result of an effort to find the most mature, thoroughly tested, and genuinely top-shelf web applications. Over 150 top applications have been selected and potential additions are evaluated regularly.

Rapid and reliable updates. Guaranteed.
New application versions are tested and deployed as soon as they’re available. Under the Installatron Rapid Update Guarantee, application security updates and other critical versions are guaranteed to be tested and deployed within hours of availability, including holiday and non-business day releases.

Zero maintenance.
Application updates can be automatically downloaded to your server by a crontab process, reducing maintenance to zero. Non-application updates utilize four release channels — edge, release, stable, and LTS — which can be used to ensure new features and additions have reached maturity prior to introduction to your customers.

Installatron is international.
Installatron has been developed from the ground up to support international domain names, multi-lingual web applications, user-interface localizations, right-to-left, and more. The majority of web applications provided can also be installed and upgraded in 30+ languages.

Endlessly customizable and configurable.
Customize branding, localization, theming, available applications, and more. All administrative and reseller-level settings can be configured per user, reseller, and/or control panel package, enabling unparalleled flexibility that can create new revenue opportunities.

Full API and WHMCS integration.
Installatron’s Automation API enables developers and system administrators to directly interface with all Installatron systems. The API is easily implemented, and we’re happy to provide assistance as required. In addition, an automated WHMCS module has been developed to pre-install applications and execute other tasks as new web hosting accounts are provisioned.

We care about your success.

Our customers guide all product development through open communication channels. Together we’ve created a product that can improve customer retention, reduce support volume, promote upsales, and attract new customers.

Try Installatron free for 45-days.
Try Installatron on your server today with a completely free, no obligation 45-day trial license, which can be upgraded at any time to a monthly or annual paid license. And don’t worry, step-by-step instructions are available to completely remove Installatron from a server.