A Brief Introduction

cPanel is a control panel which is used for web hosting. It has a graphical interface and automation tools which makes the process of hosting more simple. There are many features of cPanel which are very essential for its proper functioning. One such feature is the Resource Monitor. The cPanel users can be easily identified on the server by using this interface. It also helps to find out the highest amount of server resources. On the basis of the usage of CPU , memory usage, My SQL usage and disk usage the high resource cPanel users can be ascertained which are displayed inside the Web Host Manager.

Features of Resource Monitor

Resource Monitor is a key component of cPanel which has many important features. They are as follows:-

  • Email Notifications
    The daily email notifications of cPanel users can be received by using the highest amount of server resources.
  • Set Threshold Limits
    The specific threshold limit can be set for CPU, the usage of memory, and My SQL usage so that the user gets notified of the clients who would reach the threshold limits which have been set.
  • cPanel Log Viewer
    The  specific resource logs can be seen by the users  within their cPanel control panel.

Resources which are tracked by Resource Monitor

This interface helps to track some of the resources as well. They are as follows:-

  • CPU Usage
  • Memory Usage
  • My SQL Usage
  • Disk Usage

Server Requirements of this interface

Resource Monitor has the following server requirements:-

  • Ioncube & CURL for cPanel’s internal PHP which can be installed through Web Host Manager and Easy Apache!)
  • cPanel/WHM: 11.34+
  • PHP: 5.3+

Price of Resource Monitor

The price of this interface is very reasonable and it can be even ordered for free if one has a cPanel license. It can run on most of the recent versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE9+.

Concluding Note

Resource Monitor is a key element of cPanel which helps to get the daily email notifications and to set the threshold limit for CPU, the memory usage and MySQL usage. This article describes the features and server requirements of Resource Monitor. It also tells about the price of this interface.