Released by CloudLinux Immunify360 has been designed to keep your web server safe from malicious attacks. Immunify360 is an automated, next generation security solution that has been purpose-built to protect your site against potential infections and keep your kernels running safely in shared, dedicated and Linux VPSs.

Automate your security processes

Immunify360’s automation ensures you get more safety and security with less manual effort. It runs 365 days a year, but it doesn’t need your supervision or guidance to do it. Immunify360 offers a centralized view that enables you to see a high level view of your server security status.

End-to-end security that protects you from even the newest attacks

Security threats are evolving all the time and come in different guises and forms. Immunify360 is working all the time to collect and analyze the latest in security attacks. Immunify360 is a sophisticated system that can detect even the newest of attacks, delivering end-to-end protection for your server and mission-critical data.

Integrated security that offers you full support

With full control panel integration Immunify360 can be managed from a single dashboard. It runs on CloudLinux 6 & 7 servers as well as CentOS and RHEL. You get access to full support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can manage your security through one dashboard. The dashboard will show you all security incidents and updates every 60 seconds. You can filter your view based on pre-selected parameters, get reports and manage black and white lists.

An advanced firewall to protect your server

Immunify360’s firewall makes use of herd immunity to detect threats and protect servers using its software. DoS attacks, brute force attacks and port scans can all be stopped in their tracks. Thanks to its Captcha system, Immunify360 can also reduce false positives and differentiate between valid and invalid customers.

Defend your server with intrusion detection and protection

Remote exploitation is one of the leading issues for web servers. Immunify360’s IPS (Intrusion Protection System) blocks known attacks quickly. The IPS monitors all server logs and scans them for signs of malicious intent, including exploits and password failures, banning IPs that demonstrate malicious intent.

World-class malware scanning and detection

Immunify360’s scanning capability allows it to detect infected and malware-injected files quickly. It also allows for auto recovery of any infected files from their backups. Immunify360 is currently developing its security scanning and patch management module, which will alert users to out-dated software components.