Frantic Hunt for Mails?

How many times have you opened your domain mailbox and had to painstakingly search for that one important mail amongst tens or hundreds of useless spam mails? If due diligence is not kept, you may end up missing vital information which could be harmful for your domain’s credibility. This necessitates the use of a “SpamAssasin” or an anti-Spam mechanism, which can filter your mailbox as and when the mails arrive, thus ensuring that only relevant and important information comes to your notice. Below we will see how cPanel manages this task for you.

Apache Spamassasin with cPanel

The Anti Spam software which is integrated within cPanel is called the Apache SpamAssasin. As is evident from its name, it prevents your mailbox from being flooded by spurious mails. It does so by categorizing each email by a score and then moving the ones with score less than a preset value to the spam folder or deleting them automatically. The feature which sets Apache SpamAssasin apart from regular run of the mil keyword based anti-spam software is its ability to be flexible and evolving when it comes to Spam filtering. With spammers finding more unique ways of getting inside your mailbox, Apache SpamAssasin with cPanel keeps your mailbox safe.

Enabling Apache SpamAssasin

Enabling the SpamAssasin entails the following steps in the cPanel interface:

• Click on the “Apache SpamAssasin” button under the “Mail” section of your cPanel interface.
• Toggle the button to enable or disable Apache SpamAssasin for your domain inbox.

Configuring Apache Spamassasin

However, merely enabling the SpamAssasin would not do the work. Your mails are filtered according to a score given to them by Apache. You can either let it stay at the default value or change it according to your preferences if you wish to have a more stringent filtering regime in place. You can do so by the following steps:

• Click on the “Configure Apache SpamAssasin” button in the cPanel interface
• You will notice an interface with a field asking you for your “required score”. The default score is set to 5. This implies that all emails with a score of 5 or less are branded as spam and are led away to a separate Spam folder which you can view at a later time according to your convenience. Change this value according to your needs and you are all set.

Other services through SpamAssasin

Not only does Apache SpamAssasin help you filter out spam mails from your inbox, it possesses certain other weapons in its armory too, such as:

• Blacklisting a particular or a number of email addresses
• Blacklist all mails from a particular domain
• Whitelisting a particular mail because it keeps getting marked as Spam due to Apache’s configuration
• Auto Delete Spam Folder Objects