A Communication bridge between the Domain and Audience
Intermittently, building a website necessitate a later task of designing and organising an email ID for our dominion. The email ID performs as a meeting point between our audience and our domain. This email address would help us to be in a homogenous contact with our followers. This forms effectual email management a principal duty for any domain holder. There are many ways cPanel can us.

Email Management with cPanel
Let us take a look on how we can design and display different actions with our email accounts, operating cPanel.

In the emails segment of our cPanel interface, we would notice an icon known as “email accounts”. Whenever we click on the icon, we are pointed towards a page that wants us to input out email ID, password and the space we want this email ID to occupy. When all the information is provided to it, we simply have to click on “create account” and there we go, both of our email ID and domain is been formed. The user interface of cPanel is so easy to understand that it is done within a very short span of time.

Much like cpanel backup, the platform also provides us with preconfigured settings which can also be downloaded for the applications where we already have clients and want to send or receive mails like outlook, live mail etc. In such cases, we just have to go to the settings file and enter our mail ID and password, and cPanel with smoothly join our domain with our existing clients.

Email forwarding with cPanel
With your domain being famous, organising emails in one mailbox is a troublesome job, and that’s when we start forming multiple emails for various types of connections. In such cases, email forwarding expects a bigger role so that we don’t miss out any important client. It is infact as important is cPanel Backup. There are the following ways how we can set up email forwarding process on cPanels interface.

• We need to click on the “Forwarders” button which is situated under the email segment of cPanels interface.
• Then we have to click on the “Add Forwarders” button which is similar to the create email interface. We have to provide the information of the destination and the source of the Email Ids we want to create the link with.
• The jobs done when we click on “Add Forwarder” button.
• If we want to connect our mail to any program we can do it with “Advanced Options”. We just have to select the “Pipe to a Program” option and provide the information of the path of the program we want to file with.

Spam Scan could be an essential service, while managing your domain emails. SpamScan analyzes the IP addresses used by your mail server to send out email messages, and checks them against 18 major DNS Relay Blackhole Lists or “RBLs”. If your server is listed on an RBL list you may experience issues with emails becoming blocked, returned, or delayed. A blocked Email could heavily impact your business goals and credibility. For more information, please visit: https://www.buycpanel.com/addons/spamscan/