Why only cPanel can manage our domains
The most important part of web handling is monitoring and administrating your domains and related activities. Small and medium business owners usually don’t have the time to indulge in continuous maintenance of their business domain spaces. While cPanel backup was one of the biggest concerns for small business owners, many of the mid-sized corporations have been enquiring about the possibilities of a centralized control platform for all the business domains.

What can cPanel do for your domain?
cPanel appoints order line and Application Program Interface based access protocols which allows Business owners to handling their domain process and automate system management. The domains segment in cPanel assists us to perform server management activities easily within a short span of time.
Firstly, we have to register and construct a brand new domain. The second most important task is to manage the DNS configuration for the domains, the Sub-domains, Add on and Parked domains concurrently. Thirdly, we should set up URL redirection if there is a chance of temporary or permanent change of domain. The cPanel protects the Domain ID and any transfer of name.

Subdomains, Add-on domains and Parked domains
Subdomains – They are usually different URLs for various parts of our website. The simplest way subdomains are characterised is by adding an affix in front of the primary domain.
Add-on domains– They are made so that we reach a subdomain as we put the name of the Add-domain in the browser. This factually approves us to handle multiple domains from primarily domain account. The home directory of the account is always apposite to this domain.
Parked domain– They are basically a categorical type of supplementary domains where we handle the similar sites as the primary one. In spite of the fact that these extra domains can have different email address but they maintain the same web statistics just like the primary domain. They do not explain any other statistic.
With features such as cPanel backup and cPanel Server Management, cPanel helps us to handle any sort of business domain conveniently.

Securing the Domains
The basic mechanism of protecting out personal domain is to avoid envious attacks that might happen out of different arguable implicit creatures handled by some definite IP address. cPanel interface provides us with the IP Deny Manger which helps us to prevent any implicit domains from entering into our domain. By activating Hotline Protection Tool, we protect our domain by preventing other sites to unfaithfully connecting files to our domain without approval. This also borders the migratory market of our website. Another best way to protect our domain is to keep it password protected. This decreases the chances of undesirable episodes.

cPanel rests as the most famous and flexible web handling platform that has numerous key features which are key in maintaining a secured, updated and outage-free domains. Especially since small and medium business owners are particularly sensitive when it comes to downtimes and sudden outages. The credibility of the business and influx of organic visitors usually takes a sharp hit.
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