Web applications make the digital world go round but no one really has time to waste installing them. Thanks to Installatron you can install and upload applications that make your digital life so much easier. And, with Installatron in your cPanel, you can do it in a matter of seconds.

Installatron is supported by Windows, Linux and BSD platforms and the interface is multilingual. It’s versatile and time-efficient and designed to make your digital life run like clockwork.

One click to greater speed and greater performance

Everything to do with thel workflows and tasks in Installatron requires only one click. Installatron removes all the unnecessary steps, pages and clutter and focuses on what needs to happen. It’s quick, it’s simple and it can be used by anyone.

Execute tasks in the background

The Installatron plugin launches tasks as background processes allowing whoever is using it to do other tasks. It shows the user a task progress bar and frees up the screen to be put to other uses. You can even log out of your control panel while using Installatron and the installation process will continue.

Save even more time

Installatron’s multi-select tool option allows multiple actions to be performed as just one process, making a process that is already short even quicker. This is especially useful if you are making multiple backups or doing a lot of upgrades at once. It’s even better for website owners who are managing multiple websites.

An interface that is easy to use

Installatron is a user-centric system. Tool tips are used to provide the user with on-screen help and information. This makes the interface very user-friendly because the user doesn’t have to navigate away from it to learn more about it.

Run your business with the apps library

Installatron boasts an impressive collection of applications for community building, content management, e-commerce and online business, photos and files, surveys and statistics and miscellaneous categories you may not even knew you needed. Not only can you build a business online, you can also manage and administrate it.

Everything you need for an online business is accessible through Installatron in a very short space of time. From building a website or blog, to running an online store and managing online payments, Installatron makes everything a lot more streamlined.