Day after day, the security threat from malware attacks is significantly increasing. Even website owners and system administrators of cPanel servers are taking considerable precautions in order to prepare their websites from possible intrusions that may affect their operations.

What is Malware?

A malware is an intrusive software designed with the intent to do harm and cause problems such as changing your website settings, deleting files, causing errors, and opening your system to attacks.

In the past, malware was used as a medium to advertise products and promote services but nowadays, it is used to gather private information for the purpose of personal gain and to compromise the stability of systems.

Advanced malware attacks are becoming more difficult to detect and most of the time, system administrators would only find out about the attack after it successfully compromised their servers. This is the reason why administrators and website owners are finding ways to create a solution to immediately detect and eliminate this serious threat.

How to Detect Malware Using Google’s Safe Browsing Diagnostic Tool
If you are a new website owner or administrator, the fastest and easiest way to check if your website has been compromised is to use Google’s Safe Browsing Diagnostic Tool.

You can easily perform this malware detection process by entering the web address indicated below into your browser: name

For example, if the domain name is, then you need to enter the address below.

This Google tool will show details if your site is infected by malware or not.

Using cPanel’s Security Tools
There are various cPanel tools that you can use to check if your system is infected by malware such as Security Advisor and ClamAV.

Security Advisor
To use cPanel’s Security Advisor tool, in your WHM homepage, navigate to Security Center interface and then click on the Security Advisor Icon. The tool will automatically run a scan on your server and inform you if your system is compromised. It will also recommend steps that you can take to resolve the issue.

To use ClamAV, go to the Plugins section and enable the ClamAV Scanner. This tool will search your system for malicious programs and identify files that contain malicious software in your cPanel server.

How to Remove Malware
Now, if your scans detected a malware on your system then you need to remove this malicious software in order to keep your website safe. However, removing a malware from your system manually is difficult to perform. You should use a reliable application like Sitelock Essential to help remove the malware from your system effectively.

You simply need to run this application and it will automatically delete and remove malicious software and files from your server.
Once the malware has been removed, website owners should replace their passwords and perform a cPanel backup of their system just to be safe from reoccurring malware attacks.