Most clients depend largely on Web Admin teams to perform occasional cPanel Backup. This is particularly important since business data is the prime driving force behind futuristic planning and organizational policies. JetBackup has been providing top notch services in arenas of server migration and data backup. What puts JetBackup on the most preferred list is the fact that the Web managers doesn’t need to put in substantial effort or needn’t have sound technical knowledge. This particularly helps independent web administrators earn some extra money by taking up backup jobs for clients.

Making money off JetBackups Billing Policy
There are many ways to make money from jetbackups billing policy. Firstly, we should note that to use such advantages we must download and install the Web Host Manager Complete Solution program and assimilate with our JetBackup account.

Secondly at the beginning, as long as our cPanel size has not crossed 5GB, it will get a free cPanel backup. This charms a few users who would like us to handle their backup space. As the size of cPanel starts filling, the user are warned to delete some files and are also offered with some paid program for excess file backups. Whenever the cPanel size exceeds 5GB, the user profile is notified and the user account is removed from rotational backup then and there.

A step by step guide to user account limitation

1. At the beginning we need to organise the boundaries in JBM for the users. First we need to go to web hosting manager towards JetBackup then click on settings and then to the backup rotation settings to outreach the settings segment.
2. To follow the backup process, we need to go for the “Backup Rotation” option by going after the above ways to “edit your jobs”
3. After that we have to confirm that the backup job is connected to the billing process and then it is allowed properly by following the above steps from setting to billing settings.
4. The jetbackup is automatically set to remove accounts exceeding 5GB space. to set that we need to go from WHMS to Addons, then to jetbackup module, next to services and there we can create a new service. A product can also be made in this WHMS schedule.
5. WHMS schedule will sent report after every backup schedule with the configuration of application program interface.

With all these steps the web handler can easily earn money by selling backup to the cPanel clients and assigning them work with JetBackup billing system. To know more about the host of exciting features that JetBackup comes bundled with, feel free to visit