If you’re looking for an operating system to make your Linux server more stable, more profitable and more secure then CloudLinux is a server add-on tool you need to try. Deployed on more than 25 000 production servers to date CloudLinux is recognized as one of the industry leaders in shared hosting environments.

Utilizing the latest technologies for shared hosting, CloudLinux OS delivers numerous tools for your control panel, helping to lower operating costs, improve your profitability and decreasing churn rates. Let’s take a look at its major benefits.

Isolate Your Users

CloudLinux OS allows you to separate users on your server so you can avoid what’s known as the ‘bad neighbour effect’. You can allocate specific resources to your users in an LVE (lightweight virtualized environment) and create partitions between users so that malware cannot spread across sites.

Improve Security

With CloudLinux OS you can restrict your users from viewing private data and configuration files, one way in which Linux servers typically have been compromised in the past.

With CloudLinux you can also monitor and limit MySQL database users who abuse their rights or compromise their accounts. MySQL Governor provides complete MySQL management to ensure optimal security and performance.

CloudLinux makes use of SecureLinks and CageFS technologies to ensure that users cannot see one another on your server, thus reducing the chances of it being hacked.

SecureLinks is a technology that operates at kernel level to prevent users with malicious intent from creating hard links and symlinks to your users’ files.

Manage Your Server

Manage restrictions on memory, IO and CPU and allow your users to select their own PHP version. PHP Selector allows users to select PHP 4.4, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, or 7.0. Python Selector and Ruby Selector give your customers more choice in terms of the additional modules that can be installed.

Ensure your server runs in a stable manner by protecting it against spikes. By partitioning resources between your users can effectively prevent slowdowns even under stressful conditions. Stability is essential for successful shared hosting. A stable server decreases churn and that means greater profit for you.

Increase Your Server’s Profitability

By increasing server density and reducing churn, you increase profitability. You can upsell your customers onto more profitable plans without having to move them to different servers and also lower your support costs.