LiteSpeed Webserver- A Short Description

LiteSpeed Webserver also commonly known as LSWS is a new server for the users to use. Efficient, easy to use, LSWS is not free to use as compared to Apache. One of the best things about LSWS is that it can be managed directly by cPanel users (possible on using WHM plugin). Supported by both cPanel and CloudLinux CageFS, it has succeeded in providing a safe and secure environment to the users. LSWS keeps on releasing new and improved versions of itself. The latest version that is, LSWS 5.0 (supported by HTTP/2) has managed to attract the user’s attention towards itself.

More About LiteSpeed Webserver

LSWS is Apache interchangeable and can manage any quantity of connections. Also, the review suggests that it is better by 2 times as compared to Nginx. As it known, LSWS also deals with static content (works 6 times faster than Apache when it comes to static content). It is suggested to use LSWS specially when using WordPress, joomla, Magento, Xeforo, DruPal, etc.

LSWS has a number of important features which helps users in easy and faster operation. A brief description of the features of the same is given below:

  • Available in three editions that is, OpenLiteSpeed Edition, Standard Edition, and Enterprise Edition.
  • Compatible with Apache, it can load all Apache configured documents.
  • Helps in increasing the performance rate of PHP. Also, the use of CPU and memory is reduced.
  • GZIP compression available.
  • As mentioned earlier, it is 6 times more fast and Apache. Also, when used with SSL, it is 3 times more fast than Apache.
  • Helps in web stock proxying.
  • In built ESI support.
  • In built compatibility with mod-security trait. Protects the server from any type of harmful attack.
  • Compatible with a number of control panels for example, CPanel, Plesk, etc.

Concluding Thoughts

LSWS is highly scalable, efficient, and easy to understand. It is highly recommended to try LiteSpeed Webserver if you want fast and spontaneous change in the bottleneck of the hosting program.

The new editions of the server released on frequent intervals are always better from the last one. The latest one that is LSWS 5.0 can help the server in activating the page caching options for various Magento websites.