A Brief Overview
LiteSpeed WebServer or LSWS as it is popularly referred to is an efficient and easy to use server that comes equipped with a small memory footprint and more. The server is Apache-interchangeable, secure and able to negotiate any quantity of simultaneous connections. LSWS may be managed by cPanel users directly, using the WHM plugin. The server is supported by cPanel as well as CloudLinux CageFS. The server has been steadily gaining popularity with each new version upgrade and with the release of the LSWS 5.0 has even gone on to become the only widely used web server to be supporting HTTP/2. What’s more, each version has introduced new features that it invaluable to end-users.

Some of the Main Features
LiteSpeed WebServer comes stocked with a stellar line of features that make it secure, efficient and remarkably fast. It is estimated to be 50% more effective than Nginx and a staggering 6 times faster than Apache when dealing with static content. The features also mean that installing this server makes allied operations run faster such as the Xenforo, WordPress, DruPal, Joomla and Magento. This is because of the optimized interaction between LSWS and other web applications that is made possible with the mediation of LSAPI.
Some of the features in a nutshell are as follows:
● It has an Apache compatible automatic URL rewrite engine that increases its efficiency
● It comes equipped with the ability of GZIP compression.
● LSWS has built-in ESI support and the ability of page caching.
● It also has mod_security supported request filtering.
● It can enable virtual bandwidth throttling and also web-socket proxying.
● Further it is compatible, as aforementioned with ClouLinux CasgeFS and supports HHTP/2 and also SPDY.
● The 5.0 version also introduces LiteMage Cache that enables the server to activate full-page caching for Magento sites. This also in turn increases the functionality of Magento stores, making them up to as much as 75 times faster.
● LSWS is 6 times faster than Apache and 3 times faster than Apache with SSL.
● PHP efficiency and performance is also increased by 50% with LSWS in use.

LSWS is Here to Stay!
So LiteSpeed WebServer, with all of its ingenious features really is ne of the best of its kind.It makes the life of the end-user easier and allows one to operate at a hitherto never-before experienced level of speed and efficiency. LSWS also makes the migration process incredibly smooth with a 1-click migration option through the cPanel WHM plugin.