Considered ‘the billing platform for hosting providers’, Blesta is a leading billing software system, designed specially for hosting providers. Thanks to its client management capabilities, automated billing system and high tech support, Blesta is loved by developers and hosting providers all around the world.

Your services are automated and efficient. Why should your billing system work any differently?

These are the ways Blesta can revolutionize the way you do billing

Exceptional Client Management
Once you’re logged in you will always see your client details in the top left hand corner of you’re the profile page. Any action that can be performed on behalf of the client in question is made available to you in one expandable section. Here you can create invoices, add services and so much more. If you need new functionality you can use a widget box to build it in.

In just one view you have quick access to all client invoices, applicable services, tickets and credits. Any actions you need to perform can be actioned from the client profile page. And even though their contents are so comprehensive, each client page in Blesta is kept as simple and easy-to-use as possible.

Even better news – Blesta supports multi-currency so you can use it for clients all around the world. It also accepts the vast majority of well known payment gateways.

Billing Made Simple

As soon as a service is renewable Blesta will generate the invoices automatically. You can automate the lead-time you want for renewing services, and deliver your invoices via mail, email and fax.

If you need some assistance creating your invoices Blesta actually provides a number of PDF templates for you to choose from.

Blesta stores credit card details, and both clients and staff members can re-select payment accounts to settle automatic payments.

Automate Blesta to send up to three payment reminders before your client invoices are due. These reminders have a “Pay Now” link on them so your clients can settle their bills without logging in.

In the event that clients miss their payments, you can set them to be suspended automatically – and for them to be unsuspended as soon as payment has been received.

Blesta also offers features like pro-forma invoice generation, which would convert to taxable invoices once they have been settled. You can also include tax and tax exemptions in your account settings.

Using Blesta you can set your services to be renewed on a certain day, or to bill your clients pro-rata for newly registered services.