What is KernelCare ?

Linux as an operating system seldom needs rebooting which has resulted into its heightened popularity among the new generation of users. With the newly launched unique program, KernelCare by CloudLinux, rebooting was not needed at all. Instead this program was developed to make things easier by the automatic update of server security systems of Linux. This helps the users to get rid of the tiresome process of rebooting that primarily consumes a lot of time and energy. Before 2014 i.e. the advent of KernelCare , rebooting was almost compulsory at least a few times per year. Now this redundant process of rebooting the system can be avoided to a great extent, if not completely.

Some of the Most Prominent Features

The important characteristic features that can be noticed in KernelCare are as follows –

  • Setting up KernelCare is very simple. It just takes a few minutes to get installed in a device. Also, the process of installation of KernelCare does not require rebooting of the system.
  • Most of the popular and useful operating systems are supported in KernelCare. Operating systems like CloudLinux (5 & 6), CentOS/RHEL (5, 6 & 7), Debian (6 & 7), Virtuozzo, OpenVZ, PCS and Ubuntu 14.04 are in this list. Inclusions of more such kernels are being looked after. Upgradation on this front is more likely to come out in the future.
  • KernelCare includes the system of binary patches for necessary kernel changes. This deals with required changes of kernel data structures and kernel modules. KernelCare can create a patch for any vulnerability that may come in the way.
  • The security mailing list is constantly monitored by the Kernel team. Whenever any unprotected area is traced in the security of any of the kernels that are supported, a new patch is prepared for coping up with such a problem.
  • The patches are generally loaded by the use of a special kernel module. This does not affect the workings of the main system at all. Also, such patches take less than few seconds to get loaded.
  • By the use of a special command, all the changes that have been applied can be undone in a matter of minutes.


Final Remarks

KernelCare solves the issue of update and reboot as comfortable as possible. The update of important kernel operations is no longer a time-consuming problem for the server operators. KernelCare runs a routine check for the availability of new patches every 4 hours. All security kernel updates are applied automatically as soon as the patch is available without the need to reboot. This saves time and keeps the server of the user running smoothly with the latest updated versions of kernels. KernelCare looks after the security patches while the servers are active or online and handles the critical aspect of server administration. This is a highly recommended program by both experts and users owing to its hassle free operation yet able functioning.