A Brief Overview

JetBackup is an extremely efficient office tool that enables the user to efficiently manage his or her cPanel account. This tool can be used to quickly and seamlessly backup all the data on one’s cPanel account. This manager can either work through local incremental backups or through cPanel remote or even through other backup schemes that a user chooses to activate. What’s more, one can adjust the settings to allow automated backups. JetBackup Manager also helps in the case of a restoration of data being required by the user.

Some of the Key Features

The JetBackup manager comes packed with a plethora of features that make it one of the most perfect backup solutions for the cPanel user. The following are some of its features:

  • Uses Incremental Backup Technology – The application stores data using what is known as ‘Point-in-time incremental backups’, thereby optimizing storage space to the maximum possible limit. It uses hard links to backup the files.
  • Can backup files to multiple destinations – A major plus-point of JetBackup is that it allows the user to select not one but multiple destinations to backup the files in, according to his or her convenience. This makes the process systematic and efficient and the user simply has to schedule the backups and specify the preferred location and duration of the backup cycle.
  • The Data can Self-Restore – Yes, this one-stop backup destination is also programmed to restore any data the user requires from his or her backup database. It can restore anything, from a single email to an entire user account.
  • Allows Reselling – The JetBackup Manager also allows the user to resell the technology to multiple customers and synchronizes the process through a simple to-user billing system.
  • CloudLinux Support – JetBackup Manager even works with native CloudLinux Support, making it possible for the end user to operate the backup process through LVE. Even though this leads to a slight slowing down of the process, it makes it even more efficient and easy to operate. In case the user doesn’t have CLoudLinux, he or she may also choose to use rsync’s IO limit.

Why JetBackup Manager

All of these salient features make it evident why JetBackup Manager is the ultimate go-to solution for cPanel account users. The cherry on the cake is the user-friendly GUI interface that is easy to grasp and to operate. All in all, it leads to an optimization of the user’s resources including his or her time and energy.