Why should we care about WordPress?
Wordpress is one of the simplest and unique blogging and website content platforms that have a huge acceptability all over the world. With the help of cPanel, one can truly harness the infinite capabilities that WordPress offers.

• cPanel helps us to handle wordpress simply with less trouble. The various kinds of blogging sites can be handled directly by the Admins or the process handlers.
• The necessary backups, databases, mail accounts and domain names can easily be handled by the user.
Just like before, we had to install applications uploading files by ourselves, by forming a database and pursue a difficult system. But by utilizing Softaculous Application Installer present in cPanel home, we permit Automatic Script Installer to install WordPress and also many other applications like Perl, Javascript, PHP by itself giving about a few clicks. Much like “cPanel Backup”, the Softaculous application is extremely user-friendly and can be operated by any business owner or business administrators.

How to install WordPress with the help of cPanel?

Let us find out and note how we can install WordPress without much trouble.

• Firstly, we have to select Blogs on left side of Softaculous Application to start the system and choose WordPress from the options.
• Then we have to install from the overview page in WordPress. To smoothly configure it first we have to choose a protocol that is built on our requirements for the following website.
• Then we need to choose a domain, from the dropdown menu that guides us to make a choice among the source and some other subdomain folders.

• We need to provide where to locate the folders for WordPress install at or keep it empty for a specified a site name with its description.
• We should activate the Multisite start installation with the help of WordPress network.
• Thereafter, we need to set up the admins qualifications providing proper identities and credentials that help for higher level allowances and increased privileges.

• We can also provide our email ID to gain wordpress declarations and up to date descriptions. Next step is to select a language we want to circulate in our blog and also choose excellent third party plugins which is optional but very convenient.
• We need to modify our WordPress, database by giving an accessible name to it. In the way for various installations, applying the similar database we can summate various affixes to discriminate every movement presenting variable prefixes.
• We can switch off the annoying notification updates from WordPress and we can also upgrade the WordPress LMS automatically, and install themes or ADD-on s by choosing the required options. By turning the option, we can accomplish a mechanised backup. Circumrotation that would keep our backup content buttoned up and updated.

After successful installation, we will receive the links to the admin and installation panel. Your WordPress is then installed and ready to use.
The installation process is much easier with https://www.buycpanel.com/addons/
Installatron Plugin launches every task as a managed background process, enabling an accurate task progress bar and freeing the website owner to perform other tasks or even log out of the control panel while the task completes. Many buttons have informative tooltips that provide that little bit of extra information to help clarify exactly what the button does.