Installatron brings to you the most advanced comprehensive automated web application experience in the world.

Apart from remote and automatic backups, improved WordPress integration, Installatron has also introduced other enhanced features like the upgraded administrative panel with multi-server syncing, impersonation, integrated application changelogs along with refined email support.

Installatron is the Tomorrow available Today:

The universal search and filtering bar:

Installatron has a universal search and filtering bar which streamlines the filtering and searching of all the installed applications, the available applications and the backups available.

Standardized one-click navigation and workflow:

Installatron has a forthwith intuitive workflow task model enabling one to complete all the tasks instantaneously without having to go through multiple steps or pages. One can say it is almost like a horizontal learning curve when it comes to standardization of tasks by Installatron.  It uses a standardized ‘one-click’ navigation and workflow program which does all the tasks in the workflow from installation to upgrading and restoration.

Execution of tasks in the background:

Every task is launched and managed by the Installatron Plug-in as a background process, thus reflecting an accurate task progress bar, thus providing the website owner opportunity to run other tasks or log out of the control panel while the task completes in the background.  One can always opt for a task completion notification email.

The intuitive program manages the tasks logically like if one task fails, all of the other queued tasks relating to the same installed application is also aborted.

A timer- saver – the multi-select options :

Performing the same task for multiple applications installed, individually is a time-consuming job. Installatron makes the life of website owners simpler by providing standardized multi-select options, whereby similar tasks can be grouped together as a single process, for example, a series of backups or upgrades can be carried out as a single process.

Preview images of the applications:

To make the whole experience of website owners hassle-free, Installatron display preview images of installed applications on the My Application tab for faster identification.

Tool-tips for quicker functionality:

For website owners, especially the first-timers, some of the tools seem confusing. Going to the help desk for answers is not a very viable option, which Installatron has noted. That is why most of the buttons have informative tooltips, providing all the required information regarding the functionality of the button.

Pricing :

Considering the features provided by Installatron, they follow a competitive pricing strategy. One can buy the  VPS License for $2.50/month and the Dedicated License for $3.95/month.

Stay ahead – use Installatron :

If you are a first-timer or an experienced website owner, opt for Installatron, if you are looking for an intuitively automated comprehensive web application. Installatron is the advanced version of all its completion put together.