Imunify360- A Brief Introduction

Imunify360 is used to protect the websites and web servers (Linux) from various kinds of malicious attacks. Imunify360 manufactured by the creators of Linux is a software which provides safety and security from digital attacks. The way in which Imunify360 works is really simple and easy to understand. It stores all the information (data) of the online attacks and also keeps a record of different online traffic crossing the server. It uses the technique called ‘signature-based algorithms’ to know more about the online traffic and analyzes weather various traffics is safe or not. If not safe it immediately works as a shield to protect the server.

Key Features Of Imunify360

Powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) as well as Proactive Defence, Imunify360 comes with a number of features which makes it even more reliable and amazing. A brief description of some of these features is given below:

  • Centralized Incident Management- Imunify360 offers a central dashboard to its users. It helps a user in keeping an eye on the condition of various servers. Also, it displays all the updates as well security features (in every 1 minute).
  • Advanced Firewall- Advanced firewall comes really handy as it only allows the certified users to access the server. Imunify360 uses advanced firewall to prevent all threats in the form of uncertified users as it does not allow them to access the servers.
  • IDS and IPS- Intrusion Detection System and Intrusive Protection System work to detect and protect any server from getting impacted by a malware. IDS, as the name suggest detects a threat by analyzing the log of the server. IPS protects uses a policy called ‘deny’ policy to protect the server.
  • Malware Detection- Imunify360 runs an automatic malware detection program on certain intervals to scan if any files or server has been affected by a threat. It also helps in the recovery of such files if required.
  • Gray Listing- Imunify360 gray lists all the harmful IP addresses which can be unblocked by certified users whenever they want to.

A Key Conclusion

Imunify360 is a six layer security feature offered to its users. It also helps in protecting the old PHP versions without even restarting the whole system. Imunify360 keeps on releasing its new updated versions for the users to provide them a safe digital environment.