A Brief Overview

Immunify360 is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered security providing software from the makers of none other than CloudLinux. As the name suggests, it aims to provide complete immunity to the systems on which it is installed, preventing, foreshadowing, mitigating or dealing with alien attacks. Immunify360 has already been installed on a large number of servers, providing online protection to both hosting providers as well as their clients. It uses an intricate and detailed procedure to make sure that it intercepts any and every attack on a given device. It not only collects data on new attacks from all over the worldwide web, but also keeps track of the web traffic passing through each server it protects. It then uses signature-based algorithms to analyze the data and upgrade its rules and shields so as to render ineffective any attempted malicious threats it detects.

Some of the Salient Features

Immunify360 as described briefly above comes equipped with a set of features that make it one of the best security solution available. These features include the following:
● It Uses an Advanced Firewall – This means that all unauthorized users are prevented from accessing the users servers, while bona fide clients are enabled access with ease. Further, this can work along with WAF to intercept web attacks even before they’ve begun operations, using artificial intelligence as well as herd immunity. It stops port scans, brute force attacks and more.
● IDS – this stands for Intrusion Detection System. Immunify360 has this in place, meaning that all attacks or intrusions are detected through a detailed analysis of the server’s log. On the basis of such an analysis it bans IP’s that sow signs of making malignant attack attempts. The log-scan reports may even be accessed by the users.
● IPS – this stands for Intrusion Protection System. It works in tandem with the IDS, using ‘deny’ policy rules to efficiently and quickly neutralize all known attacks.
● Gray Listing – the software gray-lists all malicious IP’s that may only be unblocked by the user, who has an access to this list.
● Automated Malware Detection – Immunify360 runs malware scans automatically on all files and quarantines any and every infected file, slating it for scanning and deletion or recovery as may be the case.
● The software also protects the users older PHP versions and secures its kernel, patching the kernel as and when required without even having to reboot the server.

Immunify360 – A one-stop Security Solution

With all of these features and its AI powered system that auto-upgrades to fulfill the needs of users, Immunify360 really provides a comprehensive security solution to users. What’s more, it even plans to introduce more features in the near future to tackle the security challenges it faces.