Running a successful server requires uptime all the time and sometimes you need a little extra help.

Server Monitoring delivers specialized monitoring services that run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. If your server does go down, you are notified by email and SMS so you can address the problem immediately. Server Monitoring is a feature-rich add-on that will enhance your server management and allow you to offer a more customer-centric service.

Let’s take a look at the important features that make deploying Server Monitoring an essential part of your server strategy.

Worldwide monitoring locations

Server Monitoring’s services are monitored via a global network to ensure availability to users all over the world. There are no geographical restrictions, allowing you to offer global services. Get world class server monitoring all over the world.

Live status reports

Let your users know about availability by adding a live status report to your website. Don’t just tell your customers about uptime, show them the real proof in real time.

Get comprehensive reports from Server Monitoring that are easy to understand so you know exactly how your server is performing. Server Monitoring reports enable you to optimize your server performance by identifying and rectifying issues as quickly as possible.

Take advantage of Server Monitoring’s multi-protocol support

Server Monitoring is versatile and integrates well with cPanel. Server Monitoring supports MySQL, IMAP, POP3, FTP, HTTPS, HTTP, DNS, SSH, SMTP and services operating on TCP/IP.

Get downtime alerts

Receive alerts by SMS and email when your server goes down so you can manage downtime to a minimum. Server Monitoring’s False Alarm Elimination feature ensures you aren’t troubled unnecessarily, and you are only notified in the event of real problems.

Make use of the Reboot request feature, to contact your provider to troubleshoot issues during downtime.

Schedule maintenance when you need to

Keep your server running in optimal performance mode by scheduling essential maintenance windows. Pause server monitoring during these periods so it does not affect your up time reporting.

Improve capacity and improve performance

As your network continues to grow you need to monitor it proactively. By setting milestones and goals you can ensure you grow in a profitable manner. Server Monitoring allows you to stay ahead of the game and plan for the future.