Search engine optimization is the cornerstone of effective online marketing and by making the basic SEO tools available in your clients’ cPanels you can offer end-to-end technology services that help you own your client.

Did you know that more than 90% of traffic landing on corporate websites starts with a search online? And, that more than 60% of all online searches are done on Google?

Attracta SEO tools builds a solid foundation for any online marketing strategy and is one of the most widely used SEO tools on the market. With over four million websites utilizing its powerful SEO Benefits, Attracta SEO Tools will ensure you look good to your clients.

It all starts with a sitemap

Attracta is the biggest site map contributor to Google and other search engines. Just making use of Attracta’s technology, Google processes more than 45 million blogs and website pages a day.

To be found online, your site map should be submitted to all the search engines using Attracta. You can rest assured that your site maps are in really good hands.

View your search engine listings

Attracta guarantees you listings in the world’s leading search engines, and also supplies you with the tools you need to verify them. Using Attracta you can view and assess your listings.

Use Attracta to improve your social media presence

Effective social media pages are a great way to build authority online. Following Attracta’s best practice guide will assist you in creating successful social media pages that pay off, and help you monopolize on the social traction.

Get as advanced as you want to

Once you have listed your sites with the major search engines you may want to apply more advanced techniques for better results. You can use the SEO Tips section to learn more about SEO to an advanced level. It features multiple tutorials and how-to videos to get you up to speed in no time at all.

Remember that SEO is a “cat and mouse” game. As soon as the major search engines change their algorithms, your SEO tactics need to change. It will be important that you keep your knowledge up to date, in order to keep your websites competitive online.

Get the benefits of link building with Attractaatt

The Attracta Business Directory provides you with valuable link building, as well as search optimized content to boost your online presence.