If you’re looking for a high quality cPanel server theme with admin support, RVSkin is exactly that and so much more. Manage your control panel intuitively and effectively with RVSkin.

Create Your Own Customized Theme

Use RVSkin to modify theme elements like layout, color and content so you can customize the view your clients see when they log in. The user interface is customizable so you can add your logo or your customer’s logo and update the style to reflect your brand.

Utilize the Dashboard Manager function to give your users faster access to the features they use most frequently on their dashboards. Using Dashboard Manager you can group the most popular features of the control panel for your users.

Use RVlogin For Faster Access

RVSkin offers a single sign-in function that allows you to log into your servers quicker than ever. Two-factor authentication is in-built, giving you an extra layer of security.

World-Class Admin Tools At Your Fingertips

Manage your server effortlessly using RVSkin’s state-of-the-art features.

Advanced webmail features

RVadmintools allows you to create custom email account lists where you can show or hide features like changing email passwords, setting up mail client, reading webmail and editing email quotas. Enable email forwarder protection so that certain cPanel users cannot forward emails to different email servers.

Protect your server

Decide who has permissions to connect remotely to MySQL with the Disable MySQL access host function. Set cron job limits or view cPanel error logs in real time. You can also disable FTP access for any compromised accounts.

Take advantage of RVsubversion

Use RVsubversion, a control system that can manage file collections such as software projects, images or documents that undergo extensive changes over time. RVsubversion stores these collections in databases that record the full history of the changes they have undergone. It’s ideal for big teams of people working on projects, ensuring everyone has access to the most up-to-date versions of the files.

Using Rvsubsverion you can compare different versions of file collections, restore files to earlier versions and maintain different versions of a file in the same SVN repository.

News And Alert System

When a user to close to reaching their bandwidth or disk space threshold RVskin Manager will send an alert to the control panel to notify the user. Admin can increase or decrease the allocation to the end-user.