A Brief Overview

Fantastico or also known as Fantastico De Luxe is the leading automatic script installer for the cPanel servers and issued by many web hosting services.  It has more than 1000 installations and aids more than a million end users to install dozens of the leading open source content management systems into their web space instantly. It features an extensive script library of scripts that can help users to build websites, blogs, wiki sites e-commerce sites, customer service support functions and many more services.

Fantastico is a perfect choice as an auto-installer for individuals who are not tech-savvy and require easier ways to install and administer a number of scripts and applications.

Basic Features

  • Instant updates– The user can update their program as soon as a script update is made available by the script developer.
  • Easy Installation and Un-installation– Users are free to install scripts in parked or add on domains or even in their web root directory as per their convenience. It will only require some basic information like username, password and the location of the package installed etc. Fantastico also supports split installs in case of certain data being stored in a different location than the main script. If a situation arises that the user no longer needs the selected package, uninstalling it is quite simple.
  • Save Bandwidth– Fantastico and all associated files can be installed from an internal repository.
  • Open Architecture– An open architecture allows users to make their web applications Fantastico-ready. The server owner will have the liberty to decide out of thousands web applications which would be available to his/her users.
  • Compatibility– Fantastico has an extremely portable and modular code base. This makes it possible to support other web hosting control panels besides cPanel.
  • Open Sourced Scripts– Most of the scripts is open-source and hence, they are free to install and use without hindrance.

Inventions of Fantastico De Luxe

There are over 500 scripts from which Web hosting services can choose from.

It features the following:

  1. Cloning Tool
  2. Fantastico Core and Scripts belong in separate cycles
  3. CLI Installer
  4. Multi-Lingual version and full theme support.

Some Limitations

Fantastico has been designed to install software with the least amount of knowledge. It installs most scripts using minimum number of options. Due to this the customization options allowed by manual installations are not available to the experienced users. There are some occasional incompatibilities.


Fantastico is a widely available auto-installer and it is free. It supports most of the common web applications and scripts. Though it has limited customization options for expert users, it is quite compatible with other web hosting panels. And the installation and un-installation is very simple and flexible. Fantastico enables users to install over 50 scripts in a matter of minutes. It is a user-friendly and flexible commercial auto-script installer for novice users and will aid them in all tasks related to the auto-installation of web applications to a website.