cPanel, one of the most popular and versatile web hosting control panels to gain worldwide acceptability is an exceptionally handy tool that allows you to perform a ton of essential things in a fundamentally easy manner.

Like all good tools that count versatility and usability as their prime selling factors, cPanel also can be used for a number of services that might be complicated otherwise but with cPanel, becomes very easy.

• Inbuilt File manager: cPanel has its own inbuilt file manager which can be used to upload, download, extract or compress files in a very easy manner with a few simple clicks from your mouse. It is a very handy trick to be aware of in case of uploading single files or compressed multiple files.

• FTP Account: cPanel also lets you create a FTP account and you can use that for uploading files that comes in a folder divided structure. FTP is a free service on file transferring and has been considered as one of the most important tool while cPanel lets users to avail of the benefits of this process.

• Cronjobs: Users are allowed to create Cronjobs according to their requirements and they can also be removed or deleted with the help of cPanel. Cronjobs can often be timed and you can set that time by using cPanel itself.

• Automatic Software Installer: Tedious and long processes of software installation can be quite laborious and the probability of making a mistake is pretty high. cPanel uses Automatic Software Installers and can install softwares with just a few clicks.

• Site Optimization: To optimise the speed of your site, you would normally need to access the .htaccess files and tinker around with the codes. Select the optimise option in cPanel instead and it will compress your site for you, increasing the speed, without any coding hassle.

• Email/Webmail: Allocate specific email space to start conditioning your online business webmail easily and link it with your web space to have a dedicated business correspondence, set up through cPanel without any hassle.

• Spam Filter: Users can create spam filters, to peter out unnecessary mails that are received in the cPanel account by declaring a host of account level or global level rules. You can mark emails and messages by specific subject matter or the message body itself.

• Antivirus Scanner: cPanel also looks to strengthen your online business and maintain adequate performance with the introduction of an antivirus scanner powered by cPanel itself. You can scan your email and folders/file for virus/malware and anything you think is malicious can be blocked and the hosting service can be kept free of such problems.
The Never-ending Benefits of cPanel
There are plenty of other services that cPanel can do for you easily and in a matter of a few minutes, like installing phpMyAdmin, Index File Controller & MySQL Manager, creating or removing a Sub-domain,. Check bandwidth status, view logs and many more essential things.