The concept of 2 Factor Authentication System
Online accounts, profiles, etc are generally protected against potential unwanted and/or unauthorized access and operation, by only a single level of security, i.e, security, that is, entry of correct credentials such as username/ ID and password of the account or profile. But, due to the increase in various online malicious activities and the fact that this system is quite susceptible to fraud, misrepresentation, phishing and other similar mischievous activities, an additional level of security has been added to such accounts or profiles, wherein an OTP( One- Time Password) is required to be fed into the system, along with the username and password, before one can log in to the account. This OTP is generally obtained by using a third party verification software such as Google, etc wherein the code is sent to the smartphone or the email address of the registered person. This is the 2FA or 2 Factor Authentication system, which is now gradually becoming a staple for all online accounts and profiles.

Introduction of 2 Factor Authentication into cPanel
While cPanel backup has been one of the most interesting feature so far, now cPanel too, has adopted the 2 Factor Authentication System with the view of providing better security to the domains purchased by its clients, i. e. the users. And, after several concerns being raised and requests being made to the administrators of cPanel, the API has also subsequently been made more secure by using the 2Factor Authentication System.

Procedure of enabling the 2 Factor Authentication System
Implementing cPanel backup has been an easy task. Likewise, in order to enable the 2 Factor Authentication System for your cPanel Account, the following procedure must be followed:

Step 1: Home > Security > Two Factor Authentication.

Step 2: Click ‘Set up Two – Factor Authentication’

*Note: The cPanel Account and the 2 FA app must be linked.

Step 3: Scan the QR Code displayed, using the app to create the link automatically

For manual creation of the link, enter the Account and Key Information in the app.

Step 4: To get the 6 – Digit OTP, open the 2FA app.

Step 5: Now, enter the 6 – Digit OTP in the box that pops up asking for the code.

*Remember that the code is valid for a single use and for 30 seconds, after which a new code is generated.

Step 6: Click ‘Configure 2 Factor Authentication’.

2 Factor Authentication would now have been enabled and set up for your cPanel Account and each time you want to log-in, you will have to enter a fresh OTP generated by the 2FA app, in addition to the normal process of logging in.

Enhance your Security further
You could choose to further enhance the security by guarding your application against spams. One of the leading tool, indigeniously developed for this purpose is SpamScan at

SpamScan analyzes the IP addresses used by your mail server to send out email messages, and checks them against 18 major DNS Relay Blackhole Lists or “RBLs”. If your server is listed on an RBL list you may experience issues with emails becoming blocked, returned, or delayed.