With more and more people utilizing cPanel to host websites every day, a lot of information must always be kept safe at all times. In order for you to be able to save their important files such as emails, pictures, videos, and other important files, it is recommended that you use JetBackup 3.1. JetBackup 3.1 is the all-new cPanel backup plugin feature from Jetapps.com. This amazing backup solution has a multitude of amazing features. Among those features are:

Incremental Remote Backups

The JetBackup interface is very efficient as a backup plugin. It offers Incremental Remote Backups which streamlines all backing up of data through the utilization of hardlinks. With these, all future backups only take a portion of space from changed files.

Sell Backup Service

Another amazing feature from this plugin utilizes a whmcs module that permits users to web host more effectively by linking backup products on their existing websites.

Multiple Remote Destinations

As backing up takes up a lot of storage space, JetBackup provides multiple backup destinations for users to backup files. They no longer have to worry about storage space as the included remote destinations include:

  • Local Backups
  • Remote SSH
  • Remote FTP
  • Amazon S3
  • Dropbox

Native CloudLinux Support

The other feature offered by JetBackup allows users of CloudLinux to efficiently backup files inside LVE. Even to those not using CloudLinux, backing up can be achieved via rsync IO limit. It also allows users to prioritize backup scheduling using NICE and RENICE.

Self Restores

As web hosting requires most users to deal with a ton of information on a daily basis, backing up files is essential in preventing lost data. The Self Restores provided by JetBackup ensures the most formidable data security ever with a list of features that include:

  • Full Account Restore
  • Single File Restore
  • Download Files/Backup
  • Restore Emails
  • Cron Jobs
  • Databases
  • SSL Certificates

JetBackup 3.1

The JetBackup 3.1 is the updated cPanel backup plugin feature of JetBackup. These updates include upgrades such as:

  • JetBackup (cPanel Backup) 3.1.11 released to BETA tier. The improved backup 3.1.11 interface now offers a more efficient backup program that includes many capabilities. It has the ability to upgrade passwords encryption from mcrypt to OpenSSL. It is also now able to download compressed backups from Dropbox as well as to calculate exact email back up sizes.
  • JetBackup (cPanel Backup) 3.1.12 Released to STABLE tier. The next notable feature of JetBackup 3.1 effectively downloads backups directly from cPanel without errors and is able to even offer GoogleDrive backup destinations. There is also a newly added amazon S3 backup destination new bucket regions for good measure.
  • JetBackup (cPanel Backup) 3.1.13 Released to STABLE tier. The JetBackup 3.1 cPanel backup plugin is truly the ultimate backup application to use as it offers hourly email backups as well as a free JetPHP 70 mcrypt package that supports and updates older program versions.