A Brief Overview

cPanel server management is a sprawling and comprehensive undertaking and who better to embark on it than MycPAdmin.com, themselves the largest external cPanel license providers. They also happen to be none other than the exclusive server management partner of the Titans of the cPanel world – BuycPanel.com!

Their cPanel Administration program offers the management and administration of any given cPanel server at a reasonable price for the same.

This program is billed to be highly efficient in its initialization phase with a connection between the local server and the administrator server being set up in as less as five minutes. Furthermore, the services, once bought and installed, are unlimited in the true sense of the word with server-admin interaction possible at any point of time.


Some of the Salient Features

MycPAdmin.com has equipped its new technology with any and every feature that might aid it in doing its job as efficiently as is possible. These features include the following:

  • Sets-Up new servers –The admin-server will automatically connect to any new server being added to the existing network and process all of its configuration details, setting it up a hassle-free and efficient manner
  • Server Migration is Possible – A user may change his or her cPanel server, and the administrative program will migrate along with it! This can be accomplished by simply inserting the root logins of both the servers.
  • Server backup and restoration – Any information that the user needs retrieved can be located and restored with ease on the given server as this system maintains a systematic back-up of all files on it.
  • The server’s security is paramount – The administrative program once installed will implement a detailed system of security checks-and-balances so as to ensure that the user’s server with all of its data is kept safe and sound.
  • Software upgrade and installation – cPanel Administration requires software updates periodically and this technology makes sure to install any allied software that may be needed by the user such as – ClamAV, Fantastico, RVSkin, Mailscanner and so on.
  • Efficient Response and Resolution Time – This program guarantees that it will respond to support tickets within 4 hours and resolve the issue in 24 hours! An impressive promise by any standards.
  • The aforementioned administration program also provides the user with server updates, helps in troubleshooting and debugging, runs compatibility checks and installs server software.

An Efficient Administrator

The multifarious features, the basic simplicity of operation, the efficiency in terms of speed, time and energy and the ease of installation all combine to make this cPanel Administration one of the, if not the, best of its kind available on the worldwide web. A one-step solution to everything related to server management and more.