A Brief Overview

CloudLinux is the all pervasive security solution of, for and by Linux. This application is guaranteed to make Linux even more stable and successfully secure its perimeters. Besides, CloudLinux makes Linux an even more profitable enterprise in the process. The CloudLinux Operating System brings to the end user multiple benefits.  It makes a server much more secure and also increases its server density. These features reduce the overall operating cost of the system and increases profitability. Currently, the CloudLinux OS is estimated to be online in over 20,000 production servers. Over the years since 2010, this Operating System has come to be ranked as one the safest and most effective options for a shared hosting environment. The aforementioned features combine with its wide range of tools to make these an intrinsic component of any major control panel working for a shared hosting provider.

Some of the Salient Features

CloudLinux has shown a steady growth in its popularity rate down the years along with an increasingly positive tone of reviews from its various users. This has been made possible due to the well-designed features of this OS make it so lucrative to end users. These features include the following:

  • CloudLinux uploads the latest techniques and technologies developed in and for the field of shared hosting into the very center of its OS –a customized Linux core.
  • The system demarcates individual users and isolates them from one another to prevent the hampering of either user’s privacy or modus operandi.
  • One of the most important features of this technology is that it can amend MySQL database abusers online.
  • Through CloudLinux the user can select the PHP language versions, thereby determining the very essence of the programming and its lingual core. CloudLinux allows the user to choose from PHP versions ranging from 4.4 to 5.6 respectively.
  • CloudLinux screens users from accessing private information that does not belong to them as well as from accessing or updating configuration files at all. As a result, each of their accounts’ performance is unaffected by the other. This is quite an important security measure.
  • This software program allows the user to monitor various factors such as the IO, the CPU etc.
  • CloudLinux is compatible with most major control panels, making the job of the end user easier indeed. Further, it can be substituted for by RHEL or CentOS.


CloudLinux OS – Conclusion

Thus CloudLinux OS genuinely is a program that makes tasks easier for the cPanel end user, with much less effort and higher efficiency. The objective of CloudLinux is towards providing better granular control to web hosting providers. It has become one of the most highly sought software program due to its stable and robust hosting environment. It is a premium product and is updated regularly and allows hosts to have better control over their server’s resource usage. CloudLinux is a very all-inclusive solution the technological generation has come up with in recent times for managing its own territory.