About ClientExec

An unique online help-desk software is offered in form of ClientExec to the operators who are in need. The actual intention of ClientExec is to help the small as well as medium hosting business services to increase their working ability and flexibility. It provides a platform to the businesses which can be utilized to manage their entire operational process. It helps such businesses to manage and support various issues related to web hosting. This online help-desk software is easily accessible from any available browser. This essentially helps the members of a business house to enhance their speed and efficiency with which they handle the client support issues that may come in their way.


Salient Features to Look Out For

Now let us concentrate on the prominent features of ClientExec software. They are listed below –

  • With the help of ClientExec, most of the regular tasks can be automated and the offerings can be managed by following few easy but necessary steps. This software is organized in such a way that it avoids bloat to maximum extent. In this way, daily work is made easier.
  • ClientExec keeps a track of all relevant information of business. From the invoices that are sent to the clients for work purpose to the creation of a recurring fee structure, everything is tracked and looked after.
  • The feature of ‘invoice manager’ can help the providers to merge various billable items together. In addition, it can create acceptance for all important credit cards, can archive unimportant invoices and can even keep tracks of the credits.
  • A reliable picture of the ongoing business can be formed with the help of more than ten open sourced reports. Revenue reports, support reviews and all such similar essential reports can be checked, verified and analyzed in just few mouse-clicks.
  • A very interesting feature of ClientExec is that it provides two completely separate interfaces for use. One is for the provider and the other one is for the client.
  • Both the interfaces are very user-friendly and easily accessible which help the client to receive customer support or to engage in various other activities like billing, profile functions and so on.


A Concluding Note

ClientExec is easy to access which actually strengthens the interaction between the clients and the service providers. Emails can be sent directly through ClientExec and they are routed and kept a track of in an automatic way here. As a result, there are no chances of wasting valuable time to look for an important email or one that is expected to be lost somehow. Apart from this, there are different integration plugins available to make the whole process of web hosting easier and more effective. This online help-desk software is, therefore, useful in more ways than one.