Traditionally, kernel updates have been really neglected; because servers need to be rebooted in order to apply them. Because of this inconvenience system administrators would delay (or not do) kernel updates. But thanks to KernelCare, updates and reboots can be managed easily through automating them on most Linux distributions.

KernelCare maintains uptime and optimal server performance so that kernel patches can be applied while the server is still online, with just one command.

The Server Stays On

Rebooting a server has always been a sensitive matter but with KernelCare it’s possible for you to run your server for years on end, before you need a reboot. Thanks to KernelCare’s innovative technology you can install security patches while the server is still running.

Apply All Security Patches Automatically

With KernelCare you can ensure your server is up to date with the latest security patches and avoid security problems. KernelCare is an automated system that will check for the issue of new patches every four hours. When it finds them it updates them automatically.

KernelCare checks more frequently for updates than an administrator would. By running KernelCare in your Linux environment you don’t have to worry about server vulnerabilities or trade security for uptime. With KernelCare you get both.

It’s Quick And Simple To Install

It literally only takes a few minutes to install KernelCare on your server. Those few minutes will ensure your server is secure, and doesn’t need a reboot for years.

All you need is a single line of code to install KernelCare. It does not impact on your server performance, and updating it takes mere nanoseconds.

Reduce Your Server Management Operating Costs

With KernelCare you can have your nights and weekends back because they won’t be spent updating kernels. You get managed security as KernelCare monitors mailing lists on your behalf.

Give Your Customers Exceptional Service

You don’t need to inconvenience your clients any more, by trying to coordinate a reboot and managing downtime when you use KernelCare. Your clients will love it when there are no more service interruptions between them and unmissable deadlines.

KernelCare does not conflict with any other server applications.

Use It On Different Environments And Servers

KernelCare works in typical servers and virtual environments, supporting most Linux distributions.

It’s Proven

KernelCare is powering more than a thousand global companies so they don’t have to reboot their servers. The plug and play technology takes care of everything for you, freeing you to do what you do best.