By selecting RvSiteBuilder as a cPanel add-on, you have access to a premium website building application that will give you a professional online presence. Let’s take a look at the benefits of a RvSiteBuilder subscription, and how it can help you to grow revenue.

Save Time, Focus On What You Do Best

By using RvSiteBuilder templates you spend less time on coding and more time working in your business.

RvSiteBuilder’s code editor also offers more advanced users the option to customize their templates further with CSS and HTML styling options.

Because RvSiteBuilder is so comprehensive, it’s ideal for resellers. The feature-rich platform means you require very little support to get brands online.

RvSiteBuilder provides tutorials and automates software updates so that very little is required from the user. With each new release, the RvSiteBuilder focuses on improving the user experience.

RvSiteBuilder allows resellers to fully own their client and offer end-to-end high quality website services, without the need for a full team of developers.

Build Websites With The Mobile-First Approach

With as much as 80% of traffic coming from mobile sources, it really pays to have a mobile-friendly website. RvSiteBuilder’s mobile-first approach ensures an enhanced appearance across all smart devices.

Benefit From Best Practice Standards With Hundreds Of Templates

Working with templates enables you to implement best practice standards quickly and easily. Customize colors, fonts and layouts while adopting a template concept to suit any brand in any industry.

Successful web design requires intuitive placements of certain elements. Important components such as social media links, contact details and strategic calls-to-action are correctly placed when you use RvSiteBuilder templates.

It’s Versatile And Fully Equipped For The Modern Business

RvSiteBuilder offers a feature-rich interface that makes it a great platform for any business to get started online. RvSiteBuilder templates are well optimized for search, providing the opportunity to create custom meta titles, descriptions and tags so that your site is found by the major search engines.

RvSiteBuilder has been created to support global integration, and as such can be translated into 29 different languages. It’s also scalable so there is no limit to the number of pages you can create, and a RvSiteBuilder website can grow with any business.

RvSiteBuilder has been developed to benefit resellers and end-users by providing high quality, affordable website templates that conform to industry best practice standards.